What we do

Morning Session 09:15-12:15​



We start our session with an adult led circle time activity, leading into free play quiet table and floor based activities when children are encouraged to sit and play with whatever they choose from what is available that day. During this time our outdoor space is open for free flow. For some of this time a snack will be available and children will be encouraged to self select something to eat and drink.


When everyone has finished their snack, we continue to play freely between the indoor and outdoor areas. After this, we tidy up together, then have group time before the end of the session, either in the reading room, or in a smaller group in the hall. This group time may be musical, singing songs or dancing, verbal where we talk about things we've seen or heard or based around a story, often with props or other resources.  

Afternoon Session 12:15pm - 3:15pm

Our afternoon session is very similar to the morning session with the exception of starting with lunch and forgoing snack time.

Activities available 

Activities available during our sessions include:

Sand - encourages co-operation and sharing, gives opportunities for chatting and strengthening fingers ready for writing. It stimulates imagination and teaches properties of substances, wet, dry, etc.


Painting - supports development of hand to eye co-ordination, knowledge of colours and mixing colours, textures etc.


Construction toys - develops co-operation and sharing skills, hand to eye co-ordination and muscle control. 

Playdough - develops co-operation and sharing skills, fine muscle control and language. Supports learning shapes, colours, imagination and creativity.


Sticking - develops concentration, improves hand to eye co-ordination and language.


Technology - develops knowledge of different types of technology and how to use them. 

Role Play area - supports social skills, sharing and taking turns.


Book corner - a range of stories and factual books with comfy cushions to lie and read or be read to.


Small world play - dolls houses, toy cars, trains, farm and zoo animals all extend the imagination, develop small muscles and encourage playing together.


Maths - a wide variety of maths based toys and equipment to teach all aspects of numeracy and problem solving.

Physical play - Climbing frames, slides, tunnels, balance bars and wobble boards, dancing to music and ribbon dancing all develop major muscle strength, increase confidence and health.


Cars, skates, scooters and bikes need co-operation and sharing skills as well as balance and strength, a noisy play time develops essential skills ready for the school playground.


Opportunity for dressing up and role playing, ball and Frisbee throwing practice or for just running with friends.


Parachute based group activities.


Other activities:  cooking, stencils, jigsaws. - water play,  early science – magnets, optics etc tracing, colouring

Our afternoon session is very similar to the morning session with the exception of starting with lunch and forgoing snack time.

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